Money Saving Tips: Think Big

While we won't begrudge anyone trying to save 50 cents on a single grocery item (and those kinds of savings do add up), at this site we're looking at those areas in our lives where we can save BIG. Not just hundreds of dollars a year, but possibly thousands or even tens of thousands.

You can do it on your house.
You can do it with your insurance.
You can do it buying a car.

But the important point is that you CAN do it. You just have to know how. That's why we're here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Save Money on Pet Care

Having pets is wonderful . . . but it can also be really expensive. Here's how to save a few bucks on their health care.

Food, medicine, and everything else that goes into caring for your beloved pets can really take a bite out of your budget. Pet expert Charlotte Reed has some suggestions when it comes to saving some cash. Two of the biggest expenses are food, and if you're a cat owner -- litter. To save on your expenses, start by figuring out just how much you go through every month, and put it in your budget. "Instead of jumping in the car, have it auto-shipped to you," advised Reed. Shopping around for a great price online, and getting it sent right to your door, saves time and money over running to the store and grabbing whatever's on the shelf. Discounts also offer a great way to save money. "Because you're doing auto-ship you'll get 15 percent off. So, you can get a 30 pound bag for 30 percent off and that's one great savings," said Reed.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Use Cash to Save Money Grocery Shopping

Sometimes, cash is king.

And it has been proven that people who use credit cards spend more than people who use cash, regardless of the purchase. Why wouldn't it work when buying food?

Sometimes saving money while eating a healthy diet is as simple as figuring out a budget and sticking to it. While I know it's not as simple as that — we all need very specific tips to make that happen — I don’t think it ever goes beyond that. With no budget, we are apt to spend more money than we should — or at least I know I do!   But once you have set a budget, how do you stay within it? Well, one of the most effective things I have ever done for our budget was to use cash. I wanted to share what has worked for me, specifically for a food budget that includes local meat and co-op items in addition to local grocery stores.   The funny thing to me is that using cash when grocery shopping seems like such an old-fashioned idea! But our little plastic cards are a really recent invention. Using cash does several things. First, if you only bring your budgeted amount of money to the store, you can’t spend more then that. Let me tell you, it has saved me from making so many extra purchases! Secondly, seeing your hard-earned cash in person (instead of just seeing a total on the register) helps put into perspective how much money you are spending.

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Find Hidden Money in Your Family Budget

Most of you have noticed that your paychecks are smaller this year, some as much as $200 a month! The only way to make up that shortfall is to find places to save money in your budget.

First, gather your resources. Tiffany says don't spend any more money trying to save money. Resources like will track your income to help you stick with your budget. There are even free budget forms you can download. Now it's time to start finding the money. First, start by looking at your recurring monthly bills, like your mobile phone bill. Most of the excess spending comes from overestimating how many voice minutes and text messages you really need. Tiffany asked, "When was the last time you went to your cell phone provider and asked how many minutes am I using?" You could save as much as 50 percent. Also, consider a low-priced pre-paid carrier. Consumer Reports says Consumer Cellular came out on top with $10 a month plans. Price compare your car and home insurance. You could save as much as 30 percent by just making some calls.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

One Simple Trick to Help You Save 10%

We're always looking for EASY ways to save money. This seems to be one of the best.

You know you should put that $60 away for a rainy day. But your brain keeps telling you, “A Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in the hand is worth $60-plus-interest in the bush.” Bottom line: Saving money is tough. But one simple step could help you trim your spending, finds new research from the University of Utah. Researchers split 91 people into two groups and asked everyone to complete a series of computer-based spending tasks. Here’s the twist: One group had access to a single spending account, while the other group had access to the same amount of money spread across multiple accounts. To keep the participants honest, the researchers told everyone to spend wisely because a few would get to keep their accumulated purchases and any leftover cash. What happened? Those with access to just one account spent about 10 percent less than those with multiple accounts. The researchers tested their findings in three follow-up experiments, and came up with similar results.

The Simple Trick to Save More Money | Men's Health News

CNN: 10 Ways to Save Money on Tech

We all love technology, but are there ways to get our money's worth out of all those great devices?

The answer is yes!

From Airbnb to GasBuddy to shopkick, lots of apps and websites help consumers save money. But how do we spend less on technology itself -- that digital drug we can't seem to get enough of? How can we save money on electronic gadgets and services ... so that we can buy more gadgets? Here are 10 ways to stretch your tech budget this year: 1. Employ smart strips. Surge protectors have saved countless gadgets from being electrocuted over the years. But new ones like Take Charge's Power Saver Smart Strip are even better because they save money on your monthly power bill by killing standby power (aka vampire or phantom power) that most electronics consume even when turned off. In my case, after installing two smart strips (one in my office, the other on the entertainment center), I've saved at least $10 per month on my power bill since August -- more than enough to justify the $30 cost of each.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

From Off The Grid: How to Save Money on Food

What's the best way for most people to save money? On food costs, no doubt. And here's a great piece from the folks at Off The Grid:

Saving money, everyone talks about it, everyone wants to do it, but it’s hard to do. With most of us on tight budgets, it’s more important than ever to save every penny you can. The main reason saving money seems hard to do is it usually means having to give up something that you would normally want to buy or do. My hubby and I live off grid, we budget ourselves tightly, that includes food, but we still eat very well, the trick is to find ways of saving that doesn’t hurt so much. Here are some of the ways I save money. Let’s focus on food, something we all have to have to survive. First are the obvious ways to save, like clipping coupons, you can even download coupons, but make sure you are actually going to use the downloaded and printed coupons because it does cost money for ink and paper, you can find that your savings gets eat up by the cost of printing, and all of those coupon sites REQUIRE you to print using THEIR ink settings, full ink, you can’t use the draft or grey-scale settings, and often these coupons cannot be doubled, so think carefully if it is going to be worth your while to print coupons.

How to save money on food | Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Save Money by Flying on These Two Days

You would like airlines would want you to travel ANY day of the week, but apparently you can get the biggest savings by flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Who knew?

If you want to save money on flights within the U.S., there's one simple trick that works just about any time of year: Fly on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. How much can this save? You can expect to save 35 percent on average for domestic trips by flying on Tuesday or Wednesday. I am not a big fan of averages in airfare analysis, as they typically don't reflect much of a relationship to your next trip. But the trend for substantial savings by flying midweek days vs. Fridays or Sundays (the most expensive days to fly) is so stark it's worth further exploration. When I say you could save an average of 35 percent, it could be less or sometimes a lot more; it depends on how early you shop and whether you catch a sale. Airline ticket prices are based on so many factors that prices can and often do change from day to day, even multiple times in a single day. It also matters where you're flying to and from, as well as whether you choose nonstop flights or even the time of day you fly.

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